2. juni 2020

Lokalpleje Danmark launches health and homecare service, and partners with Buurtzorg

(Press release) The Danish social enterprise, Lokalpleje Danmark, partners with Buurtzorg in the provision of integrated health and homecare based on self-organizing teams.

Lokalpleje-teamet som dækker Bording-Engesvang
Lokalpleje’s first team with four nurses and two nursing assistants will be pioneers in the implementation of the Buurtzorg model in Denmark.

On 2 June 2020, Lokalpleje Danmark begins delivery of service in Ikast-Brande Municipality through its first team of healthcare professionals. Coinciding with this, Lokalpleje Danmark and Buurtzorg International has agreed to form a partnership, based on the Buurtzorg concept for integrated health and homecare.

CEO of Lokalpleje Denmark Bjørn Kassøe Andersen says: ”Lokalpleje’s first team with 4 nurses and 2 nursing assistants look forward to being pioneers in the implementation of the Buurtzorg model in Denmark. In close cooperation with Ikast-Brande Municipality we have been able to establish a Pilot Project, which allows team members to be in charge of both planning and the day-to-day decisions that relate to their own work. We are grateful for the strong support from Buurtzorg International in our preparing for this launch.”

The first Lokalpleje team covers two small neighbouring towns Bording and Engesvang in the central part of Jutland. The team will initially provide service to around 60 clients who are receiving home nursing, homecare, and practical help.

Key for the team is to build trust with their clients. The health care professionals generate solutions, building on the client’s perspective. The Buurtzorg approach is based on universal human values, enabling clients to stay in control of their own lives as long as possible, while also maintaining and improving their quality of life.

Mayor Ib Boye Lauritsen of Ikast-Brande Municipality has been a strong advocate of this new approach and of the Pilot Project itself. He says: “In the coming decades, we face big challenges when it comes to providing care for the elderly. I believe an integrated approach with focus on quality and service and provided by as few different staff as possible, will prove itself valuable, both in terms of clients’ life quality and also economically. Results obtained in other countries by organizations following the Buurtzorg model look very promising.”

In 2016 politicians and officials from Ikast-Brande Municipality were the first Danish delegation to visit Buurtzorg in the Netherlands. In 2019 as follow-up the Municipality decided to invite a service supplier to test the Buurtzorg model in a small designated geographical area. The key goals of the Pilot Project are to ensure that clients engage with as few different staff as possible, and to be open and innovative in creating trusting relationships with local networks, family, and volunteer organizations.

International coordinator John Lindström from Buurtzorg International says: “Having followed the process leading to the political approval and support for the Pilot Project in Ikast-Brande Municipality, we are very happy to formally partner with Lokalpleje Danmark. We find it encouraging that the first Danish municipality has now decided to adopt a framework that allows for provision of locally organized integrated home care and nursing using self-organizing teams. We will support this effort as we best can.”

Lokalpleje Danmark is a fully self-owned social enterprise. The organization takes the Buurtzorg model, which was developed in the Netherlands, as its basis. It adapts and develops it to fit with Danish culture, as well as Danish law and labour market regulations. The partnership with Buurtzorg International provides Lokalpleje Danmark with training and on-going support, including access to the Buurtzorg network of partners in more than 20 countries. In return, Lokalpleje Danmark commits itself to transparency towards Buurtzorg International and its partners regarding any relevant new insights of, and improvements, to the Buurtzorg model.


Picture text: Lokalpleje’s first team with four nurses and two nursing assistants will be pioneers in the implementation of the Buurtzorg model in Denmark.
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Further information:
Bjørn Kassøe Andersen, CEO
Mobile / text: (+45) 42 44 03 30

Ib Boye Lauritsen, Mayor
Landline: (+45) 99 60 40 13

John Lindström, International Coordinator
Mobile / text: (+46) 70 697 19 14


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